About Me

My name is Matthew Bell. I’m a senior at OSU, graduating in the spring with dual degrees in Earth Sciences and EEOB. My long-term goal is to continue on to grad school to study avian evolutionary history within the fossil record, specifically in and around the K-Pg boundary.

I am also a hardcore birdwatcher and semi-professional photographer, having birded across the United States and Costa Rica (you can see where I’ve birded here). I’m the president of the Ornithology Club, and am currently in the process of planning 2018 trips to Minnesota, Texas, and Florida in pursuit of birds.

I’m from Connecticut, and yes, I do have a slight accent that comes out when I get loud. But yes, I love lobster, chowder, the Boston Red Sox, and saying wicked.

I’m looking forward to learning more about local plant diversity, and being able to utilize everything new that I learn in order to study birds and understand their habitat preferences and diets to a much more intimate level.